Alba Olivella


My passion for the arts and handcrafts came to me from a very young age, as I have always liked being surrounded by art and, over the years, I felt the need to let go of all my senses in order to fill myself with artistic creativity in all its fullness.

After completing the artistic Bachelor of Arts at Milà i Fontanals institute in Vilafranca del Penedès, I continued my education with superior studies on Art and Design at Escola Massana in Barcelona. It was there that I discovered my passion; jewellery.

Once the specialization in jewellery was completed, my desire to learn more continued growing, therefore, I carried on developing this art. Vilafranca gave me the opportunity to make this come true; I continued my education with the Higher Level on Artistic Jewellery at the Arsenal school in Vilafranca, which allowed me to enjoy a practice in Reyk-javik, Iceland.
It’s in Vilafranca, small town near Barcelona, where I grew up and where now I have my workshop since 2007.

Jewellery is a profession that constantly makes me want to learn and know more, to research new and different tech-niques. This way I update and improve my studies through specialized workshops that allow me to expand my knowledge and my working horizons.

Since 2011 I am doing my job straddling two areas that I really admire, respect and love deeply: Penedès, our sea of vineyards and Menorca, a land amidst the sea. This charming Mediterranean island with natural surroundings, wel-comes me in the summer season, where I participate in various craft markets in Ciutadella, es Mercadal, Alaior, among others.

I am aware of my luck, in love with the land that welcomes me and happy to live in a sea of inexhaustible creativity of jewellery. These ingredients make me who I am, Alba Olivella, jewellery designer..